What is technology

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A sum of techniques, skills, methods, and the process anyone uses to produce any goods or services, and technology can be any knowledge, invention, techniques, or process of any work is known as technology.

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Technology Full Intro

The technology comprises two Greek words - "techne" means Art, Skills, method, and "logia" means Learning. So, we can say that technology is learning of any Skill, Art, techniques, methods, and process.

Today we humans are going to advance in all fields, and that's why technology has become a need for humans life. Technology shows us the method of development; technology raises the standard of intelligence and living.

If we talk about the basics of technology then, the simplest form of technology is the development and use of essential tools.

The first technology of humans, which we till known, is the invention of the wheel, and you can see the development in transport humans had done with this small step in technology.

This shows that technology has many effects; it helped us develop more, raise our living standards, and advance our economies.

With all the positive effects, technology has some bad effects. As we become advanced in technology, this increases the number of unwanted products in the atmosphere, known as pollution.

These all effects rise philosophical debates that technology is good or bad, but deep down, we knew that technology gives us a lot, and in the future, our living standard will rise only if we work on more technologies.

Technology Definition and Usage.

The use of the term "Technology" was changed very rapidly over the last 200 years.

Before the 20th century, this word is uncommon for people, and mostly "technology" is used in the study of useful arts and some technical education colleges.

This word becomes one of the common words of the English language after the Second Industrial Revolution in the early 20th century.

In the early 20th century, people learn that technology refers to the study of industrial arts and products, services, and industrial arts themselves.

The first definition of "technology" was given by an American sociologist that "technology includes all tools, machines, weapons, instruments, housing, clothing, services, and many more."

Now, we can say that technology helps us to do our work faster, easier, neater, reliable, and more accurate.

Basic Use of Technology.

If you understand the technology, then it is also important to understand the primary use of technology. Some basic uses of technology are given below; just read them.

· We use technology to collaborate in Real-Time.

· To share a particular file from one place to another fast.

· Better Research in any topic

· Creating any digital products like – website, app, pages, e.t.c.

· Keep a Digital Record – you can make a record of all work and data.

· Gas Cooker – To make cooking easier and faster.

· Airplane – Makes traveling quicker and more comfortable.

· Mobile phones – Helps us to communicate very easily.

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There are many other uses of technology, but only some of them are given above just read them and try to learn more about technology.

5 Best use of technology in upcoming Jobs.

It is important to know what is the top 5 best use of technology in upcoming jobs. So, below you get a list of 5 ways technology has become a vital part of our everyday lives.

Communication technologies:

Teach you how to communicate using all the latest technologies like - mail, social media, e.t.c.

Office technology:

Teaches you how to increase your productivity in the office using all the latest technologies like - PHP, JAVA, CSS, e.t.c.

Records keeping:

This is another important area of technology where you get your future job. Suppose you can know how to manage a database.

Internet and search:

This is one of the essential and most vital parts of technology because we search our 90% of problems on the internet through searches.

Automation, Robotics, and future factories:

After some time, all these words become true, and if you want to get a good profit from them, you need to learn all those technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the definition of technology?

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes is known as technology.

What are the advantages of technology?

Some basic advantages of technology are –

· Ease of Access to Information

· Saves Time

· Ease of Mobility

· Better Communication

· Cost Efficiency

· Improved Banking

· Better learning technology.

What is the disadvantage of technology?

Some basic disadvantages of technology are –

· Complexity for a non-techy person.

· Privacy Concerns

· Social Disconnection

· Digital Media Manipulation

· Job Insecurity

· Pollution

What are the types of technology?

There are six types of technology are –

· Construction technology.

· Manufacturing technology.

· Medical technology.

· Energy power technology.

· Agriculture and biotechnology.

· Transport technology.

Is technology good or bad?

We can’t say that because technology gives us many things and makes humans' lives very relaxing and comfortable. Still, due to technology, we are losing our environment and other natural things.

So, we can say that technology depends on the way we are using technology.

What are the examples of technology?

Some use of technology and their uses are given below –

· Gas Cooker – Makes cooking more accessible and faster

· Airplane – Makes traveling faster and comfortable

· Computer – Helps us to give quick and fast access to the internet.

· Mobile phones – Helps us to communicate long-distance very easily.


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