How to Use Smartphones for Studying

You should shut down your phone and study. is that the correct way to study ?.

let's discuss how you can use your smart phone for studying. we are seeing lots of online lecture and college and universities have started giving online lecture.

Covid-19 changed everything, and study is also affected by this virus. In this Corona period, everyone experiences whole new education from their mobile.

That's why it has become important to learn the best way to use Smartphones for Studying.

The time when educators oppose mobile in their campus is gone. Now, the whole education campus shit in your phone, but do you know how to use Smartphones for Studying.

We research on it, and we regularly teach hundreds of students online, and that's why we know how to use smartphones for studying.

If you are also searching for this question, then stick with this article and read all the important points given below.

Best Apps to use smartphones for studying.

If you want to use a smartphone for your study, you must keep in mind that we can easily download any apps. But if you are searching for how to use Smartphones for studying, there are some top apps you must download.

Below you get a small list of apps you should download, which makes your study easy and fast.

· YouTube

· DoubtNuts (You can also use other solution apps)

· Quora

· Unaccedemy (You can use any other e-learning platform)

· Evernote

· StudyBlue

· RefMe

· Office Lens

· DuoLingo

· Todoist

· Google Calendar

· Motion (This is a chrome extension)

You can also get many more apps, but these are some popular apps that can increase your productivity, and you can understand how to use Smartphones for Studying.

Top 5 Ways to Use Smartphones for Studying.

Below, you get a list of some top ways; if you follow them, you can increase your result through smartphone study. Now you can understand how to use smartphones for studying.

1. Create short videos.

Due to Tik Tok and Instagram reels people's attention span reducing very rapidly, and if you want to get a good result, you try to learn within 10-20 seconds.

Yes, this is possible if you use your favourite Tik Tok and Instagram Reel apps. Just try to make 10-20 seconds of videos related to study and share them with your friends in the school whatsapp group.

You can explain the learning style in those videos, show books for topics, and use animation to learn.

2. Record Lectures.

Use the screen recorder app to record the lecture of your teacher on each topic.

When you study in school and lose one class, it becomes difficult to read that topic, but the internet solves this problem very easily.

Now, you can record a lecture, and when you fill doubt in your topic, you can watch that lecture again.

If your friends study online tuition, then tell them to record their class and share, and in this way, you can learn one topic from different teachers, which helps you cover this topic from all angles.

3. Use Note-Taking Apps.

Note-taking apps make your effort easy; you can make any type of notes on your device and keep them secure to use when you need them.

If you visit the playstore and keep your eyes aside from Facebook, games, and Instagram, you see some good quality note apps to increase your productivity.

Some apps like Google Docs, Evernote, and Dropbox can help you put your important notes on your phone in a specific folder, which makes it easy to access at the time of emergency.

4. Listen to Podcasts.

Listening to good Podcasts is another exciting phase in the journey of how to use smartphones for studying.

Using a smartphone for the study is just like an opportunity. Podcasts that you get from Youtube and other places can open your mind and increase your thinking capacity.

Nowadays, podcasts have become highly popular in sharing ideas, information and stories. So, if you want to make clear all topics, then you can use smartphones for podcasts.

5. Read any book anytime.

There was a time when people read books and feel sleepy, but this digital world changed everything.

Now, you get an audiobook feature on your mobile, and you can read any book without opening that book. This means downloading any audiobook app, and you can hear your book from the reading robot, which doesn't make you sleepy.

Apart from audiobooks, you can use some other apps for study, there are lots of apps which provide books for free, and you can read them and when you want, reading any book on mobile is more exciting than reading a real book.

6. Accessing educational Apps.

After the Covid-19 impact, digital learning is an industry that gets a huge bounce of customers.

Everyone understands that study can be a shift on mobile, and in this process, all these educational apps can help you. Some popular apps like – Unaccadmy, Udemy, can give you more features to read.

You can get top educators, live classes, doubt classes, pdf format of notes, and all other important things that can increase your learning in those digital learning apps.

So, mobile can help you learn, but you can also use these educational apps to make the journey of How to Use Smartphones for Studying easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are mobile phones really helpful in studying?

Yes, a mobile phone is very helpful in the study, just you have to learn How to Use Smartphones for Studying. But you easily get lots of features which are related to study on any smartphone.

Which phone is best for studying?

Almost all smartphones have the internet feature, and that’s why you can use any phone for studying. But the best phone in the world is the iPhone. So, we recommend choosing iPhone for your study.

Is Smartphone is good or bad for students?

This depends on the way according to which you are using it. If you use a smartphone in the best way, then this is good for you student. But if you use to play games, then this is bad for a student.

Final Words

If you reach this section, I think you read this article, and now you can understand how to use smartphones for studying. Keep in mind that a smartphone is very important for study, but only if you use this device to a limit.

If you think this article can give you complete information about how to use smartphones for studying, then do not forget to share this article and if possible, then leave your valuable comment below.