Best Phones for Blind Person

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A blind person can also use the phone. If you are a little confused about how they can use or which are the best phones for blind person, then this article is for you.

As we all know that phones have become one of the basic needs of any person. Suppose you want to know how they can use a phone and if you want to buy a phone for a blind person then which phone will be the best choice.

So, all answers are given in this article; just stick with us until the end.

How does a Blind Person can use a smartphone?

Today our technology has become significantly advance, and we have computers who need just some signals from humans to convert their language into computer language. Then that computer can do your work.

Working on this same concept, a blind person can use a phone with the help of software called a screen reader.

As with the name, you can understand that a screen reader is software made to read any device's screen. By using Braille script, that software can understand what is written in this, and that blind person can run a smartphone.

If you think a blind person can't use a touch screen, you are also wrong because there is a speech converter on the phone that helps a blind person run their smartphone based on speech.

iPhone is one of the best mobile brands which provide lots of voice-over and Braillescript features to use their phone for blind people.

Another excellent feature of the iPhone is that when a blind person moves their finger on any part of the screen, it reads aloud what's under the finger.

These all features are available in very costly phones, like - iPhone.

But, relax, there are still some phones in the market which are specially made for blinds. Below you get some phones which are best for a blind person and if you think that any one of them is best then not forget to use it.

List of Best Phones for Blind Person.

If you want to buy any best phones for blind person, you get a small list of some of the best phones specially made for blinds, so read their features and get complete information about those phones.

1. Jitterbug Flip.

As with the name of the phone, you can understand that this is a Flip phone, and this is one of the best phones for blind person in the market because this is very easy to access.

As this is a flip phone, so you can also use a keypad on this phone. This phone is best known because this phone is straightforward to communicate, and with this, you also get a speaker, magnifier, flashlight, and a voice dial or voice recognize feature.

Some features of Jitterbug Flip

· A large font keypad is easy to use for impaired persons and voice recognition for complete blinds.

· This phone also has a speaker, which enables one to talk hands-free.

· Jitterbug flip phone allows you to talk clearly, and you can do anything on this phone in voice recognition mod.

2. Lucia Cell Phone.

This phone is specially made for the complete blind, impaired, or hard to hear people. This phone has large tactile buttons and comes in different shapes to easily locate it, and this phone is also best known for easiness of use.

Features of Lucia Cell Phone

· This phone comes with long-lasting battery life and is easy to carry in shape and size.

· This phone has a voice guide, which gives you the independence to use the cell phone.

· This phone has large buttons and a large display, making it very easy to use for impaired and blinds.

· This mobile also has an emergency button to call and massage at any time.

· This phone support multiple languages like - English, Spanish, French, Hindi, etc. So, you can command your phone in your mother tongue to support this phone.

3. Google Pixel

Google is trying hard to make our life easy, and in this journey, this phone is their next step.

Google Pixel is another best phones for blind person; this cell phone is specially made for impaired, blinds, and hard to hear people. The latest Google smartphone for a blind person is - Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 Plus.

This phone is an android phone, and a blind person can use almost all other smartphone features. This phone has a talkback feature and a read-out-aloud feature, making it easy to use.

Some features of Google Pixel

· This phone has a voice recognition feature and also has a feature to out loud the fingertip.

· This phone also understands gestures, and it is easy to understand and implement gestures by any blind person.

· This phone has an advanced google assistant with a motion sensor, and it has become easier for people with vision disabilities.

4. iPhone

As I said earlier, this is one of the best phones for blind persons in the world that solve all types of problems. Yes, iPhones are costly, but this phone gives you the ability to use this phone without eyes and ears.

iPhone is another best phone for a blind person; in this phone, you get a helpful recognition feature, and a fingertip out loud speaks feature.

We know the advanced technology of the iPhone then we can say that this phone is best for blinds, as they are best in the voice activation process and support almost all types of language, which means a blind person can use their phone by voice recognition feature. He or she can speak in their mother language.

Some features of the iPhone.

· Gestures and voiceovers make this phone very easy to use.

· This phone announces when you bring your finger on the screen and speak out loud about the feature under the finger.

· This phone allows you to text typing in any language with voice-over features.

5. BlindShell Classic

As with the name, this is clear that this phone is one of the best phones for blind person. This is a phone with classic style and is very easy to use. This phone also enables the voice recognition feature, and any blind or impaired person can use this phone by making a call.

The most essential and basic features of this phone are making calls, sending text, opening applications, finding GPS, tracking your address, and the phone can tell any other address, and that's why this is one of the best phones for a blind person.

Some features of BlindShell Classic.

· This phone has an emergency call button, which you can help to call and send a message when you want.

· This phone includes Radio, audio player, book reader, and all run on voice recognition features.

· This phone provides a GPS to know your location and to know other's locations.

· Allows you to dictate your voice notes and add them on your phone.


If you reach this section, I think you read this article until the end, and now I think you understand the best phones for blind person if you have any other questions about how a blind person can use a phone, comment to us.

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