Best dslr camera setting for beginner

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

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Have you bought a new camera but you are not able to take good photos?. You might be wondering what all this button ISO, Shutter speed, aperture, etc., today we have brought you the best DSLR camera settings for beginners.

Along with this, you should also know that the camera's setting has to be done according to different places and different programs.

Some places the light is more and some areas less, Because of this your photos get spoiled But now you do not worry and read the information given below carefully and take your beautiful photos.

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5 Basic tips beginners must know

Know your DSLR camera

All DSLRs are almost the same, But the ways of using them are different.

First of all, you should read all the functions, buttons, dials, user manuals. This method is the first step to know any device. You read it carefully.

To take good photos from your DSLR, first, understand the dials and learn to use them, although this does not cover all the settings of cameras. But we will learn some basic and extraordinary things today.

Hold the camera correctly.

Along with using the camera, it is also essential to hold it properly. So that you can click a great photo, keep in mind that when you are taking a picture, avoid unnecessary movement of the camera.

Take a good photo. It is necessary to have a stable camera, primarily the palm of the right hand and the bottom three fingers handle the camera. The index finger and thumb of the right hand play the leading role in operating the camera properly.

The camera lens zoom ring is used from the left palm. Along with this,

Total care of the light

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Lighting This is an important thing that every photographer must learn. And whoever knows it, understand that he has learned half photography. Before taking any photo, keep in mind whether there is the right light on it or not. Due to the right light, the picture is visible.

Whatever you are photographing, only keep the light on it. Background for Ground Always keeps the light low on anything other than the main subject.

Take care of the background.

Background, i.e., the part behind the subject, the most significant hand in taking a photo, good or bad, is the background, it is necessary to have a good experience in handling beautiful picture, either you blur the background while taking the photo,

Two or three shots

The photo is often not appropriately clicked in one go, most of the weddings or some outdoor photoshoot, the image does not come right at once, such as the camera shakes while clicking.

Dslr camera setting for beginner

Camera mode: Manual

Aperture: Wide open (f/1.4-f/2.8)

Shutter Speed: 1/250 or faster

Autofocus: AI-Servo

ISO: As high as possible; 3200 max

White Balance: Auto WB

Image Quality: RAW

Drive Mode: Continuous

Metering: N/A

Camera mode: Manual

Aperture:- Aperture: Wide open (f/1.4-f/2.8) . f/1.4 is a huge opening of your aperture blades, lets in a lot of light, and f/2.8 lets in half as much light as f/2.0

Shutter Speed: 1/250 or faster: As you know, 1/250 means one-two-hundred-and-fiftieth of a second (or four milliseconds).

Autofocus: AI-Servo:- Artificial Intelligence Servo Automatic Focusing (AI-Servo) can Detect and analyze movement and focus the image based on where it predicts the subject will be at a given point in time

ISO: 3200 max: It's as high as possible ISO Is 3200 Maximum. As you know, films range from 400 to 3200 ISO is High-speed. If you are in good light position than 200 iso is good and in evening 500 - 800 good but over-exposing the ISO will not give you clear picture. well that's not case with some high end camera but for us we will shoot in good light

White Balance: Auto WB:- The white balance is Auto WB to remove the unrealistic color casts. You can make photo blue or red ( cold and hot ) by adjusting white balance.

Image Quality: There are two main types of image quality

1) JPEG : basic compressed picture good for basic use.

2) RAW : When you turn on RAW it captures every single details including noise and exposure. RAW picture are good when you become professional. You can change anything from exposure to reduce noise in picture but file size is 3 times bigger than normal JPEG file.

Drive Mode:

1) Single : Click one photo at a single time.

2)Continuous:- Continuous Drive mode is used when you want to capture some speedy object. it can take up to 20 photo in 1 second. the latest technology provide the best FPS for shoot.

Metering: N/A: metering mode is N/A, So you can not change these setting

People also ask

Which is better, SLR or DSLR?

Ans:- SLR

What brand camera do most professional photographers use?

Ans:- Nikon

Is Canon or Nikon better for beginners?

And:- Yes

Which brand of camera is the best?

And:- Nikon


If you are a new photographer, it will be difficult for you to operate the camera initially, especially using manual mode. Still, you will be able to take a great photo from these settings and in the coming time, keep changing the scene according to your need so that you will be able to become the best photographer.

Hope you liked this article of ours if you have any question. So do let us know through the comment. Thank you.